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Beth & Horace Stubblefield Learning Center

SLC is a cooperative between Angelina County Chamber of Commerce, Angelina College, and five participating school districts (Central, Diboll, Hudson, Lufkin, and Zavalla).  This facility allows students between the ages of 16 and 21 who are no longer in school, are credit deficient and/or in danger of dropping out, a "second chance" to earn a high school diploma from their home district/school.  Stubblefield is a self-paced, year-round program that focuses on dropout recovery and prevention.  Stubblefield offers an encouraging and positive environment with high expectations for each student.

Our primary purpose is to maintain a high-performance, work-relevant, non-traditional school for the 21st century that motivates, encourages, and prepares students for success in school, the workforce, and life. 

In addition, an "Over-age Chamber Program" provides a window of opportunity for a "lost generation" of students who have not completed their high school education.  Angelina County residents that are over the age of 21 that qualify will have the opportunity to earn a diploma from the school district in which they live.


What is Stubblefield Learning Center & Who does it serve?