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Beth & Horace Stubblefield Learning Center

Campus photo

Stubblefield is a cooperative between Angelina County Chamber of Commerce, Angelina College, and five participating school districts (Central, Diboll, Hudson, Lufkin, and Zavalla).  This facility serves high school students who are credit deficient and/or are in need of a "second chance" to earn a high school diploma.  SLC is a self-paced, year-round program that focuses on dropout recovery and prevention. We offer students a fresh start with a positive environment allowing them to work at their own pace towards graduation. 

Students’ coursework is delivered in a non-traditional setting with a flexible schedule and small classroom sizes to ensure one-on-one support. Stubblefield offers each student an individualized pathway to graduation based on the number of credits they need to fullfill the requirement mandated by the state of Texas. Additional resources are provided to help bridge the gap for students transitioning from high school to college and/or career opportunities in our community. 


Brent McClain – Stubblefield Learning Center


Stubblefield Learning Center - Who does it serve?